The Coastside Community Orchestra, under the direction of Robert Smith, seeks to bring symphonic music to Coastside residents, provide an opportunity for local musicians to play together, and to encourage the appreciation of orchestral music in children and youth.


In hopes of furthering that last goal, several members of the Coastside Community Orchestra will be giving presentations to third- and fifth-graders at three Coastside elementary schools this week. In addition to adding a bit of culture to the school day, the idea is to help prepare students for their attendance at the San Francisco Symphony’s Concert for Kids program.


The nonprofit Coastside Community Orchestra is paying for 225 students to attend those concerts. It is the fourth year the orchestra has stepped into fund the program. It has sent almost 600 kids to the concerts to date.


Students at Hatch and El Granada Elementary schools got their presentations on Tuesday. Today, 60 Farallone View Elementary School fifth-graders will hear from the orchestra.


The students will attend the San Francisco Symphony Concerts for Kids later this month.


It is a hope that in addition to learning about and learning to appreciate orchestral music, this program will inspire students to avail themselves of the fifth-grade after-school band program, and then take band class at Cunha Intermediate and Half Moon Bay High schools.






Mia Arruda, 13, has studied with Charles Calvert for the last four years after starting the cello in the second grade with Amanda Negrete. She enjoys classical music and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the Coastside Community Orchestra.



Kieron Sommer has lived in Montara, CA, for all of his seventeen years.  He has studied cello with Charles Calvert for ten years and began playing with the Coastside Community Orchestra three years ago.   With high school classes complete and a certificate from the College of San Mateo, he leaves for Germany in early summer to begin studies for a baccalaureate degree.  While there, he hopes to continue his cello studies by joining an orchestra in Heidelberg.



Kennedi Brown came to the Coastside Community Orchestra (CCO) in 2016 from North Carolina.  Although only thirteen years old, she has studied piano for four years and learned percussion in her sixth-grade band class.   After working with the CCO for a while, she says, “I am having a ball!  It is so fun counting and drumming with people who know how to play!  It’s amazing!”



This year the Coastside Community Orchestra donated almost $1,000. to the local middle school to enable the music director to purchase a new, much needed tuba for the music program.

In May, $800. will be awarded to graduating coastside students who wish to continue their music education in the Fall.